Lean Startup – Go Startup Smartly

Sharing knowledge is part of my life vision. I have learned from others and learned from experimenting myself too, so passing this to others is the ultimate reward.

Few weeks back, I have been kindly asked by the organizers if I could join the AndroidDeveloperDays 2015 as a speaker. I did the previous edition (speaking about ReactiveProgramming) and was more than happy to participate to this new one. But instead of talking about technical stuff on Android (which is my passion), I wanted to share this time best practices on Startup-ing. The reason why I choosed this topic is the tremendous amount of time that human being is wasting on building « products that nobody wants ». We often forget that our most precious assest in life is our time and our health. Once spent, nobody will give it back to you. So creating a product in condition of extreme uncertainty shouldn’t be done by working blindly hard, but by working smartly. This is all the purpose of this presentation.

Unfortunately, there was a technical issue while recording some talks during AndroidDeveloperDays, and my talk was among the missed one :'( So I can only share with you the slides.
Maybe I’ll give this talk once again one day so I’ll share the video too.

Android Developer Days 2015